Get more sales using Catalog & eCommerce

Boost your sales potential with WhatsApp Catalog, the ultimate tool for seamless selling. Set up a full-fledged eCommerce store with a simple checkout system within Telegram.

Our service

What we offer

AI Bot Reply

XpressBot has integrated OpenAI`s language processing technology so that we can understand and respond to user inputs in a conversational manner, providing more efficient and personalized interactions.

WhatsApp Catalogs

Experience the game-changing WhatsApp catalog integration. Effortlessly showcase and sell your products within WhatsApp, delivering a seamless shopping journey that takes your business to new heights.

WhatsApp Webhook

Any third-party webhook provider, including Typeform, Google Forms, WP Elementor, WooCommerce, Shopify, and many more, can be connected to XpressBot in order to send messages to WhatsApp depending on webhook data.


Leveraging the `WhatsApp Webhook Workflow` you can integrate XpressBot to WooCommerce & Shopify easily and can do the following actions: Order Notification to WhatsApp, COD to Prepaid Conversion by WhatsApp & many more yet to be released.

API End-points

XpressBot offers API end-points for developers to connect any other application with XpressBot. We offer WhatsApp text message sending, WhatsApp template message sending, WhatsApp subscriber add many more yet to be released.

Designed for Small Business

 Using the `WhatsApp Webhook Workflow`, you may use a webform to input data to XpressBot and send messages to WhatsApp


How does it work

Connect to XpressBot

Create a Telegram Chatbot @BotFather or create a WhatsApp business account, and then connect it to XpressBot in a few easy steps. It`s just a piece of cake. Additionally, XpressBot offers Telegram & WhatsApp chat widgets that may be integrated onto any website.


Visual Drag and Drop Flow Builder aids in the visual creation of a bot. It provides a bird`s eye perspective of your entire bot, which aids in the development of a highly engaging bot.You can create, test, and build chatbots graphically using a single no-code online interface.

Team Member & Segment

To manage your XpressBot account on your behalf, you can use a number of team members. By designing team roles that allow specific activities on specific modules, you can control team member access. You may use a label to sort your subscribers and send them a message using a label.