XpressBot Integrations

Telegram Chatbot

Discover how XpressBot revolutionizes bot management for enhanced productivity, security, and 24/7 support, making it ideal for business owners and tech enthusiasts.

Instagram ChatBot

Optimize your Instagram DMs and boost sales with AIXpressBot! Automate responses, nurture leads, and handle complex inquiries with AI-powered chatbots and live chat features.

Google Form Integration

Learn how to set up a Google Form to send a WhatsApp message automatically upon submission, including script insertion and webhook setup.

Chat Translation:

Discover how XpressBot’s Instant Chat Translation can break language barriers, making international communication seamless and efficient for your business.

WhatsApp Flow

Explore how WhatsApp Flows revolutionize business communication, simplifying data collection and enhancing customer engagement.

Conversational Components

Unlock enhanced customer interaction on WhatsApp with conversational components for business phone numbers. Configure commands, ice breakers, and welcome messages easily.

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