Send broadcast messages using Whatsapp Cloud API

How it works?

Step by Step guide

  • Setup WhatsApp Cloud API in Facebook business manager
  • Integrate Cloud API Credentials in software
  • Add or Import Your Contacts in
  • Create & Send a broadcast messages using

Product Features

Everything you need to run successful WhatsApp marketing campaigns

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Unlimited Notification


Through automations send  sequence of messages to customers

Automated messages to customer on their special day like birthday ,anniversary etc

Send festival offer message automatically at specified time to all customers

Reminder messages to customer before or after an event date

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Unlimited Keywords


Build an intelligent WhatsApp Chatbot & make it handle sales & support queries.

First level of interaction without using a live agent

Add CTAs, route to the agents and add responses based on keywords

Send greeting message to customers if they message for the first time

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Unlimited Messages


Inbox makes it simple for you to use WhatsApp for customer support

Cloud API cannot be used on normal WhatsApp application

View all incoming messages in our Inbox

Make it easy for the team to collaborate with customer

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Unlimited Contact

Contact Management

Manage all your contacts from a simplified Contacts dashboard.

Import unlimited contacts and mobile numbers

Create unlimited groups and custom fields

Import contacts using excel, CSV and Copy & Paste

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Unlimited Broadcast

Campaign Management

Send WhatsApp Broadcast for up to 100k recipients in a single click.

Set up campaigns based on custom attributes

Make the messages interactive with Call-to-action (CTA) and rich media

Send personalized messages about discounts and offers


You can read through our blog for more details about Cloud API and our platform

WhatsApp Cloud API